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Attendee and Exhibitor Information


Shed Builder Expo is a free event for companies and individuals who build, sell, deliver and install sheds, portable buildings, and related outdoor structures. Pre-registration is encouraged to guarantee admittance the day of the show. Pre-register online or by sending a fax request to: (616) 582-6300. Shed Builder Expo will enforce a strict suitcasing policy. Attendees are prohibited from selling products and services by wandering the show floor or in public areas without a bona fide, paid-for exhibit space. For more information see “Suitcasing Policy & Rules” below.

Suitcasing Policy & Rules

Any activity designed to solicit or sell products or services to attendees during a meeting, seminar, on the show floor in the aisle, in another exhibitor’s booth, or in public spaces of the venue without authorization from Show Management is considered a violation of the rules of Shed Builder Expo. Those persons observed to be suitcasing will be asked to leave immediately. Please report any violations you may observe to Show Management.  Suitcasing policy applies to exhibitors as well as attendees and non-exhibitors. Exhibitors are reminded to conduct all activities and interaction with attendees within the boundaries of their rented space. Co-exhibiting is prohibited without prior approval from Show Management.


Shed Builder Expo is open to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, product vendors and service providers who specifically target shed building companies and/or companies related to the shed marketplace. Prospective exhibitors will be evaluated for their level of participation, focus on shed builders, and overall involvement within the shed industry before approved to be an exhibitor. Evidence of exhibitor involvement in the shed industry will be measured by, but is not limited to the following:

  • specifically designed, manufactured and distributed shed products

  • dedicated, direct shed sales and customer service personnel

  • lumber distributors must warehouse and ship product from their own building or yard utilizing company owned vehicles in most cases, must stock product, and must offer product returns

  • all exhibitors must be prepared to show evidence of shed-specific marketing and advertising programs such as print ads, websites, and/or brochures/newsletters.

Submitting an application to exhibit at Shed Builder Expo is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Space Allocation and Floorplan

An initial floorplan will be provided to exhibitors and should be considered as a work in progress. Changes may be required by the local Fire Marshal’s office at a later date. Requests for specific booth space will be considered upon receipt by Show Management of a fully completed application/contract. Payment must accompany application. Show Management will make every effort to place exhibitor in one of the requested spaces. Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and location of rented space is subject to change without notice. Previous exhibitors will have first choice of booth location.

Booth Sizes and Rates

Inline Frontage Booth:

  • 10’ deep x 10’ frontage booth (100 sf) @ $2,009

  • 10’ deep x 20’ frontage booth (200 sf) @ $2,825

  • 10’ deep x 30’ frontage booth (300 sf) @ $3,641

Bulk Space:

  • Bulk Space above 400 sf @ $5.04/sf (sold in increments of 100 sf)

What's Included

Each exhibitor will receive a decorated space consistent with the color scheme for the show. In-line frontage
booths and bulk spaces will include a draped table, two chairs and a wastebasket. All aisle space will be
carpeted. In-line frontage booths will have a colored backdrop and skirted sides consistent with the type of
booth rented and of the type and color scheme selected for the show. Bulk spaces will receive two skirted
tables and four chairs. Additional services such as rental furnishings, carpet, and booth supplies, electric service, use of a forklift, freight handling, labor services and more can be ordered through the show decorator.

For more information and to view complete details, terms, and conditions for exhibiting, please click here.

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