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Get Ready for the 2023 Shed Builder Expo!

Shed Builder Expo 2023 will be bigger, better, and more educational than before when it opens on the floor of the Knoxville Convention Center in Tennessee.

Over two days, Sept. 27-28, attendees have the opportunity to visit with exhibitors providing products and services, from lumber to business software; network with shed-building family, friends, and colleagues; and learn from industry and topic experts.


Each morning, six educational sessions presented by industry experts will be held before the Shed Builder Expo floor opens. Three rooms will host sessions from 8 to 10 a.m.

New this year is the launch of the Shed Builder Seminar Series, four seminars focused on financial and people management. Registration is required to attend the Series seminars.

In addition, there will be two sessions of the Pittman Academy, which focuses on sales teams, targets, and strategies. Registration is also required for these seminars.

Open educational sessions range in topics from rent-to-own to sales training to technology.

For more detail on the individual sessions and times, and registration information, click here.

Once the sessions are done for the day, the show floor will open for attendees, and Shed Builder Expo has more than 120 companies set to display their products and services in the Knoxville Convention Center to help you build, market, and sell your portable structures.

From lumber to financing, from design to delivery, you’ll find something for every part of your shed-building business.


Wednesday, Sept. 27

7 a.m. – Registration Opens

8–9 a.m. – Seminar 1, 2, & 3

9–10 a.m. – Seminar 4, 5, & 6

10 a.m. – Floor Opens

5 p.m. – Floor Closes

Thursday, Sept. 28

7 a.m. – Registration Opens

8–9 a.m. – Seminar 7, 8, & 9

9–10 a.m. – Seminar 10, 11, & 12

10 a.m. – Floor Opens

2 p.m. – Floor Closes

For companies exhibiting in Knoxville, move-in will take place Tuesday, Sept. 26, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Move-out is scheduled from 2 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28.


Visit Knoxville ( says, “A big city with hometown feels, Knoxville serves up endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, rich history, arts, and culture—with an honest dose of Southern hospitality.

“Foodies crave us, and music lovers keep tuning in.”

Knoxville is at the crossroads of major interstates I-75, I-40, and I-81 and within a day’s drive of half the U.S. population. McGhee-Tyson Airport serves the region with 30 direct flights.

As the first capital of Tennessee, Knoxville is proud of its heritage and committed to preserving it. The East Tennessee History Center holds the key to Knoxville’s past. Ever-changing, award-winning exhibits tell the history of the people, places, and events that shaped this region from the time of the Cherokee until the World’s Fair in 1982.

Knoxville is one of America’s most vibrant cities for live music. From classical to bluegrass, country to rock, live music is on the Square, on the streets, and on the stages of the historic Bijou and Tennessee Theatres, hosting concerts and Broadway shows as well as performances by the Knoxville Opera Company, the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra and the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra.

Of course, you’ll need to eat, and Knoxville has more than its fair share of culinary arts as well. Tennessee’s first James Beard Award Winner, Joseph Lenn, is the owner of J.C. Holdway and is one of several Blackberry Farm chefs who operate restaurants in Knoxville.

Chef Matthew Gallagher operates Emilia, serving Italian-inspired cuisine in a crisp atmosphere. The Old City is home to Lonesome Dove, a Western Bistro operated by celebrity chef and University of Tennessee grad Tim Love.

Knoxville boasts a vibrant downtown with a variety of eateries. Gay Street and Market Square are popular destinations for food and entertainment and are a short trolley ride away from the convention center.

Trolley rides are free so be sure to take advantage of this popular form of transportation.

While you’re downtown, be sure to visit one of the many rooftop restaurants and bars for some spectacular views. Popular ones include 530 Lounge on top of the Hyatt, Radius Rooftop Lounge on top of the Embassy Suites, and Preservation Pub in Market Square.

How about some other unexpected Knoxville flavors? For Knoxville’s version of hot chicken, go see Miss Jackie at Jackie’s Dream. She always serves with a smile but make no mistake—hot is hot!

Yassin’s Falafel House not only claims some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine around but has also been recognized by Good Morning America as the “Nicest Place in America.”

If your sweet tooth is in control (or maybe out of control), sample sundaes at the Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain or try some swirled soft serve at Cruze Farm Creamery.

Other popular Knoxville attractions include:

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame—The only facility in the world dedicated to preserving the history of women’s basketball.

McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture—Exhibits in this facility on the University of Tennessee’s campus showcase the geological, historical, and artistic past of Tennessee and cultures from around the globe.

Zoo Knoxville—One of the premier zoological experiences in the southeast where guests come face to face with the world’s most fascinating animals.

The Sunsphere—Built for the 1982 World’s Fair, the Sunsphere stands 266 feet tall with 26 stories and is topped by a 75-foot gold-colored, glass-paneled sphere. No trip to Knoxville would be complete without a 360° view of the city from the 4th Floor Observation Deck.

If you’re looking for a daytrip or even an overnight excursion, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are less than two hours away and are home to Dollywood and many other popular attractions.

For nature lovers a must see is the world-famous Smokey Mountain National Park outside of Gatlinburg. The park is considered to be the top national park in the country.


This year, organizers decided to help out a local charity where the trade show is being held, and Dwight Stitt’s story and mission hit a nerve.

He, like many fathers, unfortunately went through a divorce, which had a tragic impact on his two eldest children from his first marriage.

They faced many challenges and hardships in being able to maintain strong loving bonds.

Determined to make things better, he has leveraged every life experience to be successful and founded to help other children rebuild and fortify lifelong bonds with their fathers.

“We are ‘Fathers Fighting for Their Children’s hearts,’ and our primary goal is to strengthen bonds between children and their fathers,” Stitt shares. “Though we focus our efforts on children who have limited to no interaction with their father, our events are open to any father.

“Our events are usually held outdoors and are designed to help fathers and children fortify strong loving bonds and create lifelong memories.”

In 2014, Camp f3TCh became the nation’s first camp dedicated to helping children fortify strong loving bonds with their fathers and has held a free camping, canoeing, and fishing adventure over Father’s Day Weekend, which features an 11-mile canoeing trip down the Clinch River in Clinton, Tennessee.

With so many children being raised without fathers, many aren’t gaining needed lessons in maturity, responsibility, and respect. And Shed Builder Expo wants to help Camp f3tch bring together as many fathers and children as possible. Donations for Camp f3tch will be accepted throughout the summer.

With over 256 million children growing up around the world with limited to no interaction with their fathers, his humble hometown mission is arguably the most important mission on the planet.

“Studies have shown that a bond between a father and child can be just as strong as with a mother,” Stitt says, “that children who have regular access to involved fathers have better emotional, academic, social, and behavioral outcomes.

“The stories I’ve experienced at camp help prove that.”

Stitt concludes, “May the ripples of our canoes reach a multitude of shores and children around the world—most especially those who never see their father.”

We hope that others throughout the shed industry will join us and support Fathers Fighting for Their Children’s hearts, or F3tch.

There are many ways to show gratitude for what the shed industry has provided to us all.

It is our belief that the mission of F3tch can change not only the lives of individuals who participate in a Camp F3tch event but also change society at large.

Absent father figures in the life of a child can have consequences that we see in cities across the country.

Please join us in pledging to make a donation today. Contact for a pledge form or fax a pledge request to 616-582-6300.

F3tch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donation receipts will be provided upon request directly from F3tch.


There’s still time to sign up and attend the Shed Builder Expo in Knoxville.

Click the link here and fill out the form or call 616-575-9998 or fax a request to 616-582-6300 for a registration form.

There are many good local hotels available for your stay during the Expo.

See you in Knoxville!


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